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At Summerhill Academy, we promote a ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’ approach to learning. We want children to thrive and know that leading an active lifestyle can help to achieve this, as well as give them the energy to learn to their potential.

Our uniform is a key part of this strategy. Children attend school ready to be active in their learning, while being smart members of the Summerhill Community.

Uniform Items

The pictures below give examples of expected uniform items. The key points to remember are that these need to be plain (no company/sports brand logos) and consistently worn every day. A separate uniform for PE is no longer required.

  1. We expect every child to have a royal blue sweater, cardigan, hoodie or fleece with the school logo, which can be purchased online from our uniform provider Monkhouse.
  2. A white polo shirt
  3. Black joggers, leggings, shorts, trousers or sports skirt
  4. Black shoes suitable for PE and active learning, with white or black socks

Items 2 to 4 can be purchased online from a variety of retailers or from most supermarkets.

The pictures below give examples of expected uniform items and can be worn year round.

Pictures of Summerhill Academy Uniform

Second-Hand Uniform

We have a supply of second-hand uniform that has been donated to us which is available to support our families. Please contact the school office on 0117 903 0347 or [email protected] if you would like to enquire about this.

Further Information

As with all aspects of academy life, please do get in touch via [email protected], ClassDojo or on the playground if you have any questions or need any support  – we are here to help.