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Friends of Summerhill Academy

As the parent / carer of a child at Summerhill Academy, you are automatically a member of our parents’ association, Summerhill Academy Friends (SAF).

This is a project where everyone can join in and every offer of help will be valued, no matter how large or small.

SAF will benefit pupils by holding events and fundraising to contribute towards resources, equipment and experiences that the school might not otherwise have been able to afford. But it’s not just about fundraising; there are lots of other advantages to joining.

Benefits to your child

SAF can make a real difference by raising funds to provide resources and experiences that the school wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. With just a few events each year, SAF can provide resources such as books for the library and exciting playground equipment that your child will benefit from while they are at the school.

Raise achievement

The more involvement you have with your child’s education, the better. Decades of research has shown that attainment improves when parents are involved in their child’s education. So, joining SAF will help your child to achieve their full potential.

Become a role model

Show your child that you place a high value on their education by taking an interest in it. They will also see that undertaking voluntary work and contributing to your community are positive characteristics. All of this helps them build a bright future, both as individuals and as part of their community.

Be in the know

Being involved with the SAF means you’ll find out more about how the school is run and will get to know about plans for the future. You’ll be one of the first to know about any decisions that are made regarding your child’s school and their education.

Personal growth

Joining in with SAF meetings and events helps you develop skills and gain experience and confidence in an office type environment, but is a little more fun! You could learn about health and safety, insurance and risk assessments, as well as developing your organisational and interpersonal skills. If you have these already, sharing them with fellow parents can be incredibly rewarding.

Use your skills

Love sewing? Great at baking? Financial wizard? Your skills are invaluable to your school and any offers of help and support will always be gratefully received. Put your talents to use for a great cause.

Have fun

Whether it’s organising a summer fair or helping out at a disco night, fundraising events can be great fun and often help create a real sense of community. You will also enjoy being part of a group of like-minded people, working towards a shared goal.