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Academy Core Values

Welcome to the Summerhill Academy website.  The website will provide you with information about Summerhill, however should you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]. Please also access our Curriculum pages for further information.

We believe in maximising life chances for all children in the Summerhill Community through excellent educational experiences.

Summerhill Academy provides a wide-ranging and inspiring curriculum to meet the needs of the diverse community that we serve.

High standards of teaching and learning, delivered in a kind, caring, inclusive environment, ensure that all children thrive.

Children leave Summerhill Academy with a sense of community and purpose, filled with the skills and confidence needed to allow them to achieve the best they can in their future lives.

Challenge all children to reach their potential

Expert teaching teams use the latest education research and techniques to provide excellent educational experiences for all children. In depth, engaging lessons create a love for learning and a hard-working atmosphere in which children thrive. Learning opportunities include strong challenge for all children, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Children requiring additional support have their needs met successfully through carefully designed and evaluated provision.

Behaviour for learning

All members of the Summerhill Community adhere to the our core values:

kind| safe| respectful| learning

A calm and caring environment nurtures all children to grow and succeed both socially and academically.

Expectations of all community members are high: all children learn all of the time.

Strong PSHE and cultural education programmes educate the whole child, with rich discussion and debate both encouraged and respected.

Rich Curriculum Experiences

We follow an ambitious and progressive curriculum which exceeds the requirements of the national curriculum and leads to strong outcomes at the end of Key Stage 2. Programmes of study include the best of what has been thought and said to inspire a love for learning and equip children for their future lives. Learning opportunities occur across our large, historic site, as well as on engaging educational trips and visits that broaden children’s life experiences and build cultural capital.

Strong Summerhill Community

Summerhill Citizens feel proud to be part of something special. Families feel well-supported and included by the school through effective, pro-active communication and opportunities to interact with academy life in a range of exciting and innovative ways. Extra-curricular programmes provide depth and breadth, embracing the wide range of skills and experience from the community to enhance children’s life chances even further. All members of the Summerhill Community shine.